Big Bed Quarry

Slatedale holds one of the state’s only extant slate quarries. Penn Big Bed Co. has been family owned since Jacob Papay opened the quarry in 1934. Owner, Pete Papay Sr. and son Pete Papay Jr. are the 3rd and 4th generation of quarrymen. The quarry is a leading provider of high-quality slate in North America. Penn Big Bed is surrounded by a small, mainly residential, town, that up until recently was mainly occupied by slate workers. Demand for slate still exists but is much different from the industry’s beginnings. Today, slate is a specialty item that is quite expensive. Penn Big Bed quarries slate for roof tiles, floor tiles, window sills, countertops, chalkboards, trophy bases and even high-quality slate pot turkey calls.  To make these items, Penn Big Bed’s experienced crews extract massive slabs of slate from the quarry. More…


Slatedale: The Town

Formerly known as LaBarsville, the village of Slatedale, Pennsylvania was purchased by Locke Slate Company and named after the booming industry. The abundance of quality slate beds in the surrounding area prompted the construction of the Slatedale line of the Lehigh Valley Railroad for transport. The town now holds one of only two extant slate quarries in Pennsylvania. Slatedale is home to about 500 people, some retired slate workers.