Hope in Roseto


Hope Garment Factory, located in Rosetto, Pennsylvania offers optimism within a small town surrounded by a diminished slate industry. Hope Garment Factory provides uniforms for police officers across the country, from places like New York all the way to Oregon, California, and more. The uniforms Hope provides serve the police departments across the country. The women working at Hope Factory provide personality behind the scenes. The factory itself appears withered and abandoned from the outside but upon entrance the atmosphere completely changes. The factory is one large, open room filled with about 20 women behind sewing machines, sizing tables, uniforms, and more. Hope is one of the remaining businesses left in Roseto. Although the Garmet factory began as a family-owned business, it was eventually bought by a larger corporation. This instance is a fate that many other businesses in Roseto also faced—with those that were not bought eventually going under. With the decline of the Slate Industry, much of Roseto’s locally owned factories and other businesses also faltered.

Linda LaBarre and Donna VanCamp have been working at Hope and its predecessor for about 40 years and share some of their stories with us. They have seen the factory go through changes from close-knit family-owned to corporate ownership. They have known the rise and fall of the business in different economic situations. They have worked through tragedies such as September 11 th , finding their purpose within the misfortune through their work producing police uniforms. These women offer hope for the future of Roseto through the work they do.