The town of Roseto, Pennsylvania, is home to less than 2,000 people.  The streets are complete with remnants of what was once considered a hub for slate mining.  Large mounds of slate surround Roseto and the neighboring post-industrial towns.  Within the slate belt, only few of the mines are still active. Roseto, initially a home to Italian and Dutch slate miners, remains a locale for retired miners.  The modest town is aesthetically marked by old brick buildings housing various establishments. Much like Pen Argyl and other nearby areas, Roseto has a small town atmosphere, where repair shops still exist and big chains have not completely infiltrated.  This small town atmosphere contributes to what is known in scientific communities as “The Roseto Effect”: the coined term for results of a fifty-year study on mortality rates in Roseto.  Studies showed that Roseto, as compared to nearby cities in the 1950s-60s, had far less heart-disease related deaths.  Roseto is now, like most of small-town blue collar America, attempting to stay afloat in the face of post-industrialism.



Retired Slate Miners


The people and areas surrounding the slate industry in Bangor, PA offer a unique look at post-industrialism America. Although most of Bangor’s slate quarries have shut down, some retired workers remain, glued to their industrial roots.  More…

Hope Garment Factory


Hope Uniform and Security Products is one of the nation’s top manufacturers of high-quality, Class “A” uniforms for police and corrections officers, fire and rescue, and honor guard members across the country. The company specializes in producing custom-made jackets and trousers.  Originally established as Hope Uniform Company, Inc. by brothers Fred C. and Constantino W. “Gus” Belverio in New Jersey in 1966, the company recently relocated to Roseto in 2015.  More…