Mr. Pastie

Mr. Pastie Shop, 10 E. Bell Ave., Pen Argyl

"Pasties are a traditional dish in the coal mining regions of Pennsylvania and in Welsh communities around the world. Many hardworking quarrymen with Cornish ancestors carried a pastie in a "blickey" (metal lunch pail) for "peace" (break time)." --Mr. Pastie website

Pasties are cornish meat pies that are very hard to come by nowadays. Pasties have a long history with slate and other factory workers because they could be eaten with dirty hands by holding them at the crimped crust edge. We were fortunate to speak with Linda, a Pen Argyl Resident, and a baker at Mr. Pastie. She has been working at Mr. Pastie for over 30 years and she shared her knowledge of the history of the pastie in the town and how it has changed over the years. According to Linda, when the company first started it was only open on Wednesdays, which was known as "pastie day." As the business grew and became more popular among slate and factory workers, they expanded to 5 days a week. When asked about the impact of the slate industry on the town as well as Mr. Pastie, Linda said: “Slate’s really dying. There might be one or two slate quarries left, but that’s really little. Slate isn’t what it used to be. Some of those factories there used to be are closed already. There used to be factories all over the slate belt area and now the town has...less and less. People have moved away and many major stores are closed here.”